To Thyself Be True

So much has happened in the past week that I have barely processed it all, let alone had time to document it. Angel and I flew to Washington and drove my new car, so graciously gifted to me by now very-successful-brother, back to California. (Only people who arent from California pronounce it “Cali”) Anyway, It is always so good to see my brother, he is a source of unlimited laughter and good company. I cried when he pulled away in his taxi. The only constant in my life is him leaving. Even though we are geographically very far from each other, we remain emotionally close…something I thank God for everyday. The 13 hour drive back was only bearable by the company of one of my best friends and the ability to download gangster rap from high school directly onto my phone.

 The Weekend following our return was filled with more excitement, and in Rose family tradition, drama! My Dad, brother, his girlfriend and I took the Bart into SF from my place in Berkeley to the 49ers game. It seems everywhere my family goes, we attract teh oddest and most entertaining of characters. There was Jesse Snider from the Muni who offered everyone free stay in a house in Lake Tahoe, the old black lady on the bus who informed us she was an undercover peace officer, then of course the collective of old black adorable men who held the seats in front of ours at the stadium…season seat holders since the stadium opened (just ask them) I dont know if we watched the game was much as we talked to these 5-6 older men, who also has it “in” with the Usher, who took our garlic fries order and delivered back to our seats. I havent laughed so much in awhile, my family is a HOOT. Being with them really minimizes the $9.50 I spent on a single beer or the pathetic score of the niners.

In other news, this conlcudes day two of classes at Berkeley. I feel so inspired just walking around campus, and my classes are so engaging and informative, I am so happy and blessed to be here…as reminded by the campus characters.







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