Every Rose Has its Thrown

This was my last weekend in Sacramento. It’s weird to think that this time next week I will be in my new place, in my classes, in a new chapter of my life. I always think its cheesy when people say  things like “new chapter in life” and here I am saying it. I am so cheesy. Anyway, what an eventful weekend… On Friday I met up with some friends for drinks at my favorite bar. It was fun until that one guy starting talking about why they dont make rape genre movies…. thats when shit got weird and I had to excuse myself. I passed out at Angel’s and didnt sleep at all. I get home at 8:30 AM . . . and thats when it begins.

Mom is wearing sunglasses and pacing around the kitchen. i repeat, it is 8:30AM. I used to think only blind people and assholes wear sunglasses inside, I now add crack fiends to this list. Her pacing is impressively calculated, she appears to be making laps from the marble counter top inside and then the around the pool in the backyard. Im tired and now dizzy, dad calls me into the garage

dad: i dont know whats going on with your mom but shes acting really weird

me: yeah i noticed.

dad: shes been up since 6AM gardening, now she says theres bed bugs ad keeps scratching herself.

me: have you ever seen a crack head? anyway, im exhausted, going to sleep for a bit.

dad: yeah okay well you might want to brush the crumbs out of your bed first.


dad: yeah your mom was eating english muffins in your bed.

Upstairs, I verifiied said crumbs. I also notice  trail of white powder on my floor, her reading glasses, tweezers, a hand written scribbled note, and my journal, misplaced. After further inspection I conclude that she has read my entire journal and ripped out the one page that I had written all my resentments towards her on. She never ceases to amaze me.

I tell dad. I pack my bags and head to Chris and Mia’s…my “other family”‘s for the weekend. We have a BBQ, everyone comes over, we drink, Chris breaks up with her boyfriend, has a new guy there in an hour, we drink some more, dance, take pictures, and I pass out with Chris Mia and Zan jumping on me trying to see who I am talking to on the phone. I am so happy. That house is filled with so much craziness yet more love then I could ever formulate into words.

The next day we went out on the boat, felt so good to relax and take in all the beauty and booze that surrounds me.

I stop by my parents to shower after the lake. Mom confronts me, she says that she never meant to hurt me, she didnt know it was my journal that she was reading and that she just pulled a “random” page out because she needed something to write her thoughts down on. There are few times when I will actually sit down and bullshit with people, but if your not going to be honest  AND your lies are not very entertaining or well thought out, then dont waste my time.

The rest of the night consist of more booze and boys, and me having to fake an emergency to get out of being in a committed situation with someone who thought we’d probably hook up.

Every rose has its thorn, but this rose has its thrown, and I refuse to A) subject myself to unentertaining bullshit from a master bullshitter and B) make out with someone way so far from my league out of boredom.

Thus my monday concludes with margaritas, manicure, and the satisfaction of being so completely content with myself and the loved ones in my life that I no longer desire a man…just a boy to fan the queen.


know what i mean?

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