hood hoppin//dueces

Here’s the afore mentioned letter. I crack myself up. . .


Dear co-workers and friends,

It is my pleasure to announce my resignation of the City of Macramento Park Reservations Office Customer Service Representative. My time here has been enjoyable, but not well spent. I acknowledge that I have not made the best use of my time, I sit at my desk and write emails like this while ignoring my ringing ear piece, I also text and tweet constantly with no remorse.  I have also flashed on a specific co-worker (best to left unnamed) thus causing tension in the workplace, and for this I am forever sorry. Anyway, I wish the best of luck to you, and wish you strength to fend off grenades and Kathy’s. I pray that the good lord almighty will strike down those who ignore park regulations and no cell phone signs in the lobby. I ask that he give you patience with the Gernyeckas and Star May Tinkle’s of the world. I cherish the times we shared and heartless jokes we cracked on unsuspecting victims. It is with great joy that I announce I am on to bigger, badder, more hood places and people. Let the count down begin…6 days bitches!



Amy jane


know what i mean?

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