So closing of day two juice fast:

1. I was unusually energetic and pleasant to be around at work today. My co-workers are a source of endless entertainment and joy which I am so grateful for. Its not always about what your doing as much as who youre doing it with.

2. Drinking water and going on walks really helps curve my appetite. However the fasting leaves me with foul breath, thus chewing gum is a must..and a nice snack. My whole family is on this fast, we are like drug addicts attempting to deny the urge to use. Its really quite comical. I helped my dad set up a blog, now you see where the insanity stems from.

3. I came home from a long walk tonight, in my fabulous new running shoes (which are my main motivation for excercising) only to find my dad had sent my brothers girlfriend to the store to by chicken and ingred’s for burgers. NOT SHOCKED. I knew they wouldnt last more than a day. Beauty is pain people, you aint gonna squeeze into a size three for free okay!?!

4. My ex is relentless in staying in communication or at least just annoying me. He text me today wanting to talk, my dumbass agreed only to put “an end to it”…is there ever really an end? Fortunetly, he just wanted to apologize and to have things cool between us. I tried to tame my bitchiness and contempt, but truth always shines through. I honestly dont want to be friends and really just want to move on with my life and forget that whole 9 months ever happened.

5. I started reading Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” lent to me by the beautiful Mariah Cook, the mobile library herself. Thats the good thing about taking the train to work, time to sit and read and not worry about assholes weaving in and out on the freeway trying to play frogger with my life. I have always loved Rob Bell’s books, he has fascinating ideas and presents them in a very sensible way, hes just has a way with words that could make me believe pretty much anything he says, maybe he should go into politics! Anyway, the book is all about heaven and hell, okay mostly hell and whether or not such a fire burning, teeth gnashing place really exists. As much as I dont get into religious discussions anymore, it is refreshing to get those wheels a’turnin in my own head. I’m also really happy that Gods commandments are not literal and that my family had a pet dog instead of a donkey, Lord knows I wouldnt let that baby fall into a ditch on the Sabbath.

6. Watching E True Hollywood story on Snooki….my night is complete.


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. So the old man cracked eh? It was going well as of about 5pm when I talked to him. Anyways, stay golden, don’t let that donkey fall into no ditches. There was a really funny post secret last week. It said “I manually type sent from my IPhone at the end of my emails.”

    Sent from my IPhone 4SGX Ultimate Edition

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