Hood Shock

Last night I went out to din din with the family at Scotts. First of all, dont ever take me to a seafood restaurant in heels with no reservations. Me in a bar with no service…fishy! Apparently there was some “deal” on crabcakes or something so naturally it was a breeding ground for the single, successful 30’s crowd to come out and flaunt their tanned, greased selves to potential mates. Hoes always be lookn to get wifed up. Anyway, we ate, we drank ,I had a couple fabulous mojitos,  we were marry and loud and embarrassing as usual.

Dad: yeah im not really a crab man

brothers gf: you just ordered clam chowder. 

(surrounded by idiots, onward I press)

I was exhausted from my back straining day at work *see previous entry, and ready to pass out, but the boys at my old coffee shop were having a going away party so naturally I had to make an appearance. It was so good to see them, Kyle is adorable and by far my favorite!

(its a pool stick not a pole.)

I had  a really good night with my roomies too, I already miss them. Its very rare that you find genuinely good people, and I feel blessed to have found some of the ones I lived with (Dani & Machu, love you guys!)


So I show up at my New Place in Berkeley this morning to meet the landlord and do the walkthrough. It is my first time seeing the apartment, and I wish it were my last. (Note to self and future renters, dont ever agree to move into a place before ever seeing it)  I waited for the landlord to completely exit the premises before bursting into tears and calling my mom. I might have told her to turn the car carrying my stuff around because none of it would fit into this shit hole. (looking back I can see how I tend to over dramatize situations and slightly exaggerate )

Within 30 min I am calmed down and dancing to Keyshia Cole setting my bamboo up around the apartment. It really isnt that bad its actually very cute and clean on the inside, its just  not in the best location…this is coming from the girl who wanted to move to Oakland, who purposefully works in the hood and has an inner ghetto queen raging inside her. Thats what we call HOOD SHOCK.

but in the words of the beautiful Lauryn Hill,

went from hood shock to hood sheek, its not about what you cop its about what you keep”

Already pretty sheek, so lets just hope I keep my computer and body parts in this hood.


know what i mean?

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