Thrashin Thursdays


Note to future ex-boyfriends: don’t ever show up at my house unannounced at 6AM unless you’re Peets Delivery.  K thanks.

After a very unpleasant encounter with said ex, I was on the verge of calling into work and indulging in a day of self pampering (mani/pedi, shopping, endless martinis and affirmations from men) but I decided to not let this fool knock my hustle and short me out of more money, so I grudged into the office. For most people I think the office is a place of stress, irritation and poor air circulation, for me it is a place of complimentary starbucks, laughs unlimited and a dumping ground for drama. Ive been here three hours and have done maybe 5 minutes of actual work. I manage to cut my actual-work time in half by bypassing peoples bullshit, for example, I delete voicemails that go over my allotted 1 min maximum. What was that Sherry? You wanted a refund for –Ooops you should have skipped the sob story about your sons sore throat and the Vicks vaporizer, maybe then you would have got your number in there before the 60sec mark! Outgoing mail? One tag fits all in my book, sorting is for losers. Its this kind of solution-orientated mindset that makes me a prime candidate in the career field. You say I cut corners, I say I cut the fat.


5 o’clock cant come soon enough!


One thought on “Thrashin Thursdays

  1. I like your style. I heard a saying the other day that I thought you would like, it goes “let go.. or get dragged”. pimps up hoes down, peace out.

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