daily briefing

Tonight may very well be my last night downtown. Im not sure I’m really taking everything in…either I really am doing well with all this change or I am not even allowing myself to feel anything and just being a big walking void of emotion. I’d like to believe the first.

Its that strange bitter-sweet looking around at a place and thinking “it will never be like this again” Honestly though this whole house just fell apart in the duration of one weekend and now its just weird and empty and I am happy to be starting over somewhere new.

Two more weeks left at my job wooo! I snapped at my co-worker today, after coming in two hours late I was doing my daily briefing (aka: bullshitting) with another co-worker for a couple minutes, this girl had the nerve to tell us to start working on the inbox. You should have seen my face, that grand canyon deep crease in my forward lurked forth as I whipped my freshly straightened hair around to snap

“exscuse me officer where’s your badge?”

Silence filled the office before she scurried out on her break.  I just really dont do well with people trying to tell me what to do, especially from someone who is not in authority over me. But lets face it, when is anyone really in authority over MUAH? right.

Besides bitching over contract signatures, the temperature in the office and “who moved my stapler? it was right here and now it is gone?”… I actually have a good time with some pretty amazing co-workers. Its about making it happen wherever you are, whoever you are with. (nonmuthafuckinfactor co-worker not pictured)

I finished sewing some shirts for HA Critical, a dope skate company, peep the peeps

Also, I’ve been asked to write for a collaborative blog started by my beautiful and talented friend Mariah. I love her writing and thought process, fucking genius!

oh and BTDUBS, my brother and my whole family for that matter is on this whole juicing kick and they are planning a fast next week. i think its hilarious, another one of their one-hit wonder prophesies, but of course im joining for the fast, who doesnt want to shed a few lbs and bask in the glory of out fasting my family members? check his blog out too, what a fool!


always classy, never trashy,



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