still i rise

I am so inspired by life lately.  There are so many amazing people doing amazing things, that its almost pathetic to look back and think that I got lightweight jaded  over a relationship. When I think about those that I admire and aspire to be like, when I think about all the injustices in the world, the potential and opportunity in the world, I think how silly and insignificant it is to be caught up on who someone is with or what they’re doing, that shit doesnt matter.

The people that you need are in your life. I think often times we get caught up on these things because we fail to recognize the bigger picture, we fail to remember that our life is in someone elses hands.

The Lords Prayer has been stuck in my head and I find myself repeating those words “Give us today our daily bread” Because thats what it comes down to. Every Day. Its about relying and believeing that God gives us what we need every single day, never more never less. So when I wake up and my head is already racing with bullshit scenarios and past confrontations, I say to myself “just give me what I need for today, just give me that damn bread!”

Another note, I want to make a black and white portrait wall in my new house of people who have inspired me. Here’s my list so far….who inspires you?

Maya Angelou


Keith Haring

Martin Luther King Jr

Ella Baker

Dorothy Day

Andrea Gibson

Talib Kweli

Frida Khalo

Ray Charles

Nelson Mandela

Margret Sanger

Marcus Garvey

Martin Luther


a little rose


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