a beginning in an ending.

Here’s to another blog, hopefully one I will keep up with. I really enjoy writing, its one of those things I do because I need to not because I can. My best friend Roger and I just got back from one of many trips to Berekeley. We are both starting there next month as 3rd year transfer students. Yesterday we spent all day at orientation, thrown into the herd of 300 other newbies hoping to make it big at the Bear. Besides the typical, trivial “stand up introduce yourself and an interesting fact about you” group molding activities, it was actually a very informative and inspiring day. I met a lot of awesome people in my major (sociology) and got a good feel for the campus and what my work load will be like.

I just got out of a 9month relationship with a recovering drug addict/skateboarder/felon/unemployed handsome black man.

I dont make mistakes, I date them. ((clearly))

Despite a two day emotional breakdown, things actually ended really well and we remain close to each other. I think breaking up is hardest when you are still in love with each other, you just know that you are on different paths. I feel good about things though..I also feel good about the divorce diet and appreciate its sensitivity to bikini season. oohh the vanity!


One thought on “a beginning in an ending.

  1. You are such a teachable young lady! I love your candor and ownership of your life path…continue to do you, love you and allow yourself to be loved you are truly a rose…so thankful that you have crossed my path. Go in peace. lots of love Ms. Mish’l

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